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Time to evaluate:

whether or not you do some kind of contract work or have your very own small enterprise, tax deductions for the self-hired can become considerable tax financial savings.

the item underneath is correct to your 2017 taxes, the one that you file this year 2018 cut-off date, along with some retroactive modifications because of the passing of tax reform. some tax statistics below will alternate subsequent 12 months for your 2018 taxes, however won’t effect you this yr. research extra about tax reform right here.

With self-employment comes freedom, duty, and plenty of expense. while most self-hired humans have fun the first two, they draw back on the latter, mainly at tax time. They may not be aware about a number of the tax write-offs to which they're entitled.

when it comes time to document your returns, don’t hesitate to assert the benefits you get for being the boss. As a self-hired achievement tale, you’ve earned them.

"in many instances an left out deduction is educational expenses. If one is taking courses or shopping for research cloth to be greater powerful in their paintings, this could be deductible."

There are even some grate benefits to individual Retirement Plans (IRAs) according to John L. Hillis, president of Hillis financial offerings in San Jose, California, stated the fine tax write-off for the self-hired is a retirement plan. someone with out a employees can set up an man or woman 401 (ok).

Hillis asserted that retirement plans are “honestly the No. 1 tax deduction. The authorities is assisting fund retirement.”

business use of home or dwelling:
Most self-hired taxpayers' companies start as domestic-primarily based companies. those human beings need to understand portions of business prices are deductible, she stated, including, “it's far very important which you preserve music of costs referring to your housing prices." According to accountant and representative Jéneen R. Perkins, important of Éclat companies LLC.
In case your gross earnings from your commercial enterprise exceeds your total expenses, then you may deduct all of your prices related to the enterprise use of your property, Perkins stated. in case your gross income is much less than your overall charges, your deduction could be limited to the distinction among your gross earnings and the sum of all business fees you would pay if the commercial enterprise turned into now not in your own home. those fees ought to consist of cellphone lines, the internet, and other expenses to do enterprise.

You have to actually have a home workplace that is sincerely used for work. The internal revenue Sevice may additionally require you to record this.

Deducting car any charges:
in case you journey for business, even quick distances inside your personal town, you could deduct the dollar fee of commercial enterprise miles traveled for your tax return, Perkins said. The taxpayer might also record the real rate he incurred, or use the standard mileage rate prescribed by the IRS, that's fifty three.five cents as of 2017. The IRS allowable mileage costs must be checked each year as they are able to trade.

“If you make a decision to use real automobile expenses, make sure to encompass bills, depreciation, registration, coverage, storage rent, licenses, repairs and maintenance, and parking and toll expenses,” Perkins said. “If you decide to use the usual mileage fee, it'd be for your excellent interest to preserve a log—day by day, weekly or month-to-month—of miles pushed to distinguish private use from enterprise use.”

Depreciation of belongings and system
a few self-employed people may additionally buy belongings and equipment for a enterprise. if they count on that belongings to ultimate longer than one year, it ought to be depreciated at the tax go back, Perkins suggested.

Perkins said that says regarding assets, in step with the IRS, must meet the subsequent standards: You need to own the assets and it must be used or held to generate earnings. The belongings should have an anticipated useful life, that means you ought to be capable of bet how lengthy you could generate income with it. it could no longer have a beneficial life of twelve months or less, and won't be purchased and disposed of in the equal year.

certain repairs on assets used for business will also be deducted.

educational charges:
Any academic expense is doubtlessly tax-deductible.

“frequently an disregarded deduction is instructional prices,” Hillis said. “If one is taking publications or shopping for research cloth to be extra powerful of their paintings, this could be deductible."

think about any books, web courses, neighborhood university courses, or different instructions or substances that you have bought to enhance your process or commercial enterprise. It’s easy to forget about a piece-related webinar or enterprise ebook that become purchased online, so do not forget to store e-receipts.

Perkins also mentioned subscriptions to trade or professional courses and donations to business organizations, each of which are often vital for the continuation and growth of your enterprise.

other areas to discover
other deductions that may be without difficulty neglected are marketing and promotional expenses, banking fees, and air, bus, or teach fare. restaurant food and different amusement costs can be written off so long as they may be vital commercial enterprise fees.

similarly, Hillis stated to bear in mind medical health insurance rates, which in most cases represent a credit as opposed to a tax deduction.

“A credit goes directly in opposition to one’s taxes, as opposed to a discount of profits,” he said.

no matter which charges you discover that you may write off, the maximum important component is to hold accurate information all through the 12 months. shop receipts, together with electronic mail receipts, and record or log them so you have smooth get admission to to them at tax time. not simplest does retaining receipts, mileage logs, and other cost information make submitting taxes less complicated, but it also helps a device that allows you to song changes from 12 months to year.

lengthy-time period tax-saving techniques
don't just examine ultimate-minute write-offs whilst thinking about self-employment tax deductions. think about laying down a few lengthy-term strategies for money savings from year to yr—specifically in case you are a high earner.

“Accountants usually let you know what you have to pay,”  

To reduce your gross taxable earnings, don't forget putting in place a defined-gain 401-k This plan is based totally in your age and profits: The older you're and the better your income, the greater you're allowed to make a contribution. An opportunity plan is an age-weighted earnings-sharing plan, which has similarities and may gain the ones who've several employees.

any other method for excessive-incomes commercial enterprise owners who personal their personal building through a limited legal responsibility corporation or similar business structure is to pay themselves rent. This hire is used to pay down the mortgage, however it's also taken into consideration a enterprise price for tax functions.

Self-hired specialists required to have liability coverage should recall putting in place their personal insurance company. A captive insurance enterprise is one that insures the dangers of the business—or groups, inside the case of a cooperative. Its charges can be tax-deductible.

however, if cash accumulates and claims are minimal, the money taken out is taxable beneath capital gains. This is not a retirement method, however that it can prevent money by permitting you to “pay yourself” as opposed to an coverage enterprise and nonetheless deduct the charges.

So with all that said I must say with any of these greater complicated, lengthy-time period techniques, seek advice from a tax attorney or financial planner to ensure you have got the high-quality plan viable on your business brand.
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As a blogger I have come to understand not only my need to grow my business but the needs of my members, clients and just plan customers when it comes to grow theirs as well. Saying this, I have come to understand what’s going on.

Especially now more and more with the online community when it comes to affiliate marketing growing a multi-Level marketing (MLM) network.
You have a lot of programs out their now asking you to join and pay a fee to sale their products and service.

They like to call it the privilege of a franchise, and this is to get you to become a part of a group, team or an association. Now let's everybody sing cum-bey-ya. "Not", no really if you’re just starting off and your money is tight and you don't know the ends and out of not only getting traffic to your site but closing the deal.   Then you are putting the cart before the horse so in other words you have canceled the momentum that will pull you closer to success.

Don't feel like you dumb because you not, I to have falling in to the same trap. If you are with one of these program and have gained one person in your down line with in you first two months without spending more than twice what it took to get one member then by all means stay the course.

It may be a learning curve but don't give up not only on the opportunity but the members you have brought to the table. Now if you have not brought any members or the ones that you have on your list are not jumping on the boat and you have contacted them and done all your due diligence to bring them aboard but still they will not take the same leap you did then don't push them. That will only make them think you are trying to con them and no one likes to feel coned.

Now for yourself, no one is jumping on board and you now have to think about if you are going to abandon ship as well. Before you jump talk with others that's a part of the same opportunity on face book, chat room and other social media hang outs. Give them the truth of how it's not working for you. Ask people that are not a part of your up line first. Unless that have reached out to you with tips and information on how they got you in. A good Shepherd knows how help the heard grow and willing to share what they know.  They (the up line) do not wish to see you go. They know that will only take away from their bottom line and that's you paying your monthly fee and taking away money from their pay day.

So talk with people that are in the program that not going to be personally be effected by the decision you make first. Trust me you will get the bad and the good, these is where you make an informative decision to stay or jump ship.

If you stay I will encourage you to try to meet your goal, but I will also say you should check your bottom line and see if you can sustain the course.

In other words you have paid a monthly fee of $49.99 for the past 3 months then you have paid $200 for two of the months that has not produce one client, down line or member.  Now you can't hate the player but you can stop the game.
Think about it like this, you’re up line gained: $49.99 x 3 months from you = $150.00 rounded off of course, now you paid $100 for traffic to your assigned link and now you really fill the pain. Only because you have spent a total of $250 with an investment of one big goes egg.

You're up line is not calling you back with any kind of help. You can't get a direct response by phone and maybe an occasional email only to just hang in there and believe it will happen.  You should only believe one thing. If you keep going at that rate you will be broke by the end of the year and even if you came up with 3 people under you 3 months down the line doing the same thing you have  been doing when you started you have still lost because really, is an investment of $599.88  really worth a profit of (if you get 50% in commission) also providing your down line stays in for the rest of the year $674.82 and at the end of the year you found you turned a profit of $74.94. Now this is without any kind of PPC, PPV buying leads of any kind.

That’s a choice you have to make but I will say this. Would have made a lot more from that with same $599.88 just sitting in your bank? I know I did not make it any easier.

The best thing about this is, now you know what to watch out for from now on.  You need to have a plan of action.

I recommend that you only go with a programs that does not make you pay them a monthly fee and sorry for the choice of wards. Bust your ass for them unless you have years in the game and can generate traffic with ease, close the sale with just one email or phone call, have a list that been following you for some time and trust that you will not lead them wrong because you have proven to them that you have not only integrity but also you're touch is gold and they have made money following you.

They know if they have a snag or cannot get a sale not only will the person they are following will not only give them some grate information but see what they are doing and come up with a solution together to help their member, down line, team or partner.  I offer this to all my members with any program How to’s books and programs page on this website.

But always remember never be scared to learn a lesson just be smart about how you learn it. I’m always looking at any program I'm with like this:
1.    Can I uses this myself
2.    Can this help me out side of trying to resale it to someone else?

This will keep you from not only investing to much time and money but gain trust from the ones that follow you. It only takes a couple of times for you to accidentally give someone a bad deal before you lose their trust. Remember it really not the opportunity they will look sideways at. It will be you, and the reputation of your band/company.

You can always contact me by email for any question you may have before getting started with an MLM I have provided. I ask that all my down line consult with me first before they take that leap. I rather you not join an opportunity then to join and do nothing with it and waste your time and money. 

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If you have never done it before, try Goggling yourself. You may see your Facebook account, your LinkedIn account, and your blog or Twitter (if you have one or both). You might find images of yourself, your friends and family, and of strangers with similar names to yours. You'll even see things you’ have posted that you did not want the world to see.

Like on Pinterest, and things people dis-liked and that was liked on YouTube.
If your business is in line with your true personality, much of what comes up might already work to your advantage, but it’s unlikely that everything you’ have ever liked or done online fits with your ideal personal brand. The younger you were when you first got online, the more likely you are to find some very problematic associations. Taking down those digital traces that reflect you as a whole poorly or otherwise don’t promote you in a good light, however, avoiding the reality of your public image isn't  domed. Sometimes it can boot your brand. Look at Donald Trump and the Kardshian family, other words good,bad or indifferent we all know their names.

Take into consideration that your parallel online lives will eventually catch up with their professional. If you don’t take the necessary precautions of enabling your privacy settings. But however cautions against that urge toward total privacy, “no hint of personality in the black hole that is the World Wide Web can be unsettling for employers and you can bet that your clients, fans, supporters will react the same way. Hilary Clinton had test of this. If you’re a business person, cultivating your public image truly matters.

Developing your brand is not as hard as it might seem. You don’t have to launch a full out PR campaign to start covering the trails that you’ have left. Because frankly the almighty search engines is already promoting you. You’re already online, browsing, playing, learning, and connecting. All of these footprints in the digital sand are a part of your personal brand; you simply need to start deciding which ones to leave and which ones to stop. Consider taking the time to work through these three steps:

1. Think about your story to be told your message.

Think about the image you want to present the would, thinking about it in terms of telling your story. When most people look at related pieces of information, their brains naturally create a story to make sense of those pieces. Your digital footprints tell a story about who you are, so your need sit down and think through that story you want to tell.

2. Stop doing things online which does not fit your brand.

You need to examine your current digital presence with your brand in mind and try to identify those things that don’t belong in the public end of your life online. Your might need to open up an “incognito” or “private” browser window. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a private browser window allows you to search without cookies, caching, and history, which means you can browse anonymously without logging out of all of your accounts. In the simplest way to   this, that your search results will appear like they would for any random stranger. You'll want to look at your search results from the perspective of someone trying to access to your private content. Most browsers have a private browsing option. To figure out how to access that option on your preferred browser, go into your browser sitting and look for something that will say something close to privacy browser.

Then, go back and remove those unwanted traces. Some things, which don’t fit your brand might just be the result of personality quirks from a bad day. Maybe you're a big fan of anime and as a result, posters featuring scantily clad, half uncovered women show up in your Pintrest account. If your business is about promoting spiritual health, mental health you probably don’t want those pictures affiliated with your personal brand. You don’t have to efface those parts of your personality; you just probably don’t want them public.

In some cases, enabling privacy settings it just might be enough, but if the offending of material is on your Facebook and other social platforms your prospects are friends with you on those platform, it’s probably just a little to late but look on the bright side. Their still friends and may not think that much of it. Remember birds of a feather do what? But you should consider deleting that which you cannot make private, depending on the severity which it clashes with your professional image. If you long for that part of your personality to stay connected online, consider making secondary accounts which don’t use your real name, and sharing them with your closest like minded friends.

3. Consciously and carefully create new connections.

Okay now that you have developed a firm awareness of what kinds of things that will leave traces, you’re truly better prepared to build a positive associations. As I said before, you’re already online. You’re reading this online now! Change your browsing time from procrastination into productivity.

When you browse social platform, build a boards based on those interests that relate to your business. When you blog or create a video vlog in your own name, take time to check that the message you like to send out before hitting publish. When you read or watch something online that strikes a chord with you and with your narrative, like it or post a positive and thoughtful comment but make sure you do it with one of your official accounts so that those positive words reflect back on you.

In other wards, any time you browse those things that peak your interest but that don’t fit with your branded narrative, consider browsing privately or browsing while logged in to your secondary accounts (if you decide to make one).

You should take this a step further. If you see anything coming up in your Google results that not mentioned here, look at it as a possible pathway for sharing your message. Your connection already exists. You just need to make it serve you as a professional.

Not everyone you meet will Google you after meeting you, you’d better believe that some people will, and if they do, you want them to see the very best you. Getting started is easy, and there’s no better time than now. If all you do is simply keep your message, your story, your brand in mind for those parts of the day that you already browse the web, within a very short amount of time you can turn an embarrassing or lacking public images into something to be proud of.
Your personal brand should lend you legitimacy every time you talk to someone new about your business.

We would like views on branding yourself in the comments so other's will get some great tips from you as well.

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Amazon has put out of business some of the biggest Brick and mortar company like Block buster while some larger book store are still fighting to stay a float from the creation of the Kendal. Now Amazon has bought  Wholes Foods to compete with Walmart and other grocery food chains. They are truly changing the way we buy good and service now online. But not so fast, all things Amazon touches does not turns to gold. Amazon officially retiring its aStore associate function after years of disappointing sales returns. This feature, which Amazon shut down on Oct. 27, giving Amazon associates the ability to generate returns from setting their Amazon stores up without delay on their web sites.

Amazon incorporated aStore into its Amazon affiliates program in August 2006 with the concept that followers of internet marketer influence-rs and their blogs would want to buy the Amazon products referenced on the ones websites. through clicking on a product from a website’s aStore, users are redirected to Amazon.com, in which they are able to make a buy.

Associates then receives a commission,  ranging from 0 to 10 percentage, depending on the category of the object. as an example, affiliates see no compensation from wine products and Amazon gift cards, but can get up to 10% from selling from categories like “Amazon style women” and “luxury beauty.”

The retirement of aStore comes on the equal time as Amazon is growing its involvement with influencers now. In March, Amazon created its Amazon influencers application  for YouTube celebrities. Amazon YouTube marketers can get customized URLs to stores they are able to curate inside Amazon, so their fans can see what products they endorse with their personal reviews of products from Amazon. This just like the aStore concept for associates.  But now This version can be seen as an endorsement for Amazon via YouTube Vloggers that acts as the spine of this associate network with their own persona and consistency of reviews.

“Amazon determined to hit the refresh button on the aStore concept and roll it into its affiliate marketers application, which has extra ability as an affiliate community due to its roots in social media and video,” stated Mr. Smith director of Amazon research at commercial enterprise studies company L2. by the Digday blog.

numerous associates stated they had to drop their aStores or had no longer wish to update them due to disappointing stages of engagement and income. Amazon said a whole lot in its “retirement” truth sheet for aStores. The affiliate marketers stores additionally supply Amazon the capability to logistic on things like music. Other ward, how many people click on to view those curated shops, whereas simplest the associates had this records before. It’s in all likelihood that Amazon will preserve to press into the usage of associate marketer. In July, it released Amazon Spark, a social feed for Amazon Prime users that Amazon affiliates describe as a cross between Pinterest and Instagram. Up to now, Amazon is compensating a pick out their few Internet marketers from its Influencer application to create hashtags in their posts feed, but overall, the platform has no longer been beneficial to affiliate in general and has not  beneficial  for their ROI. having the affiliate questioning is worth it  continuing.

It's been stated that “associate advertising and marketing often has this experience of being a chunk being transitional and promotional,” stated Ashley Banks by Digday blog, director of digital method and media at Iced Media, “whereas internet marketers, because they’ve constructed up this believe and authenticity, it looks like they're best talking about merchandise they need to be sharing.”

Digday stated, that an Marketer named Justin Livingston, who has and overwhelming following of four hundred thousand followers on his social channels and hundreds of thousands of visitors to his way of life blog a month, stated he stopped the usage of aStore 9 months. In the past. Livingston discovered that even within the months he heavily promoted his aStore, he most effective marketing campaigns made him $400-$500 a month, a little much less than 2 percentage of the nearly $50,000 he makes monthly from sponsorship's and other affiliate applications.

“while it became fine to have the breadth of Amazon’s marketplace at my fingertips,” said Livingston, “i discovered the fee quotes have been often extremely low, which made placing the effort into using the aStore feature no longer worth the time.”

I feel amazon first could have better explained to it's associate that this platform could be place directly on a blog. I used this same platform and never new I could place it directly on one of my websites. Then when it come to promoting free stuff just because does nothing to help bloggers keep their sites up and running. Don't get me wrong I'm a big Amazon fan and will always be but they need to take some tips form the apple store and ask for more feedback from it's affiliate tribe that has helped Amazon become the powerful company that it has become today.   

Just putting things out there with out much input from affiliates and promoting things that only benefit Amazon and not the affiliate marketer that pays out of their own pocket for PPC, PPV and other forms of traffic.   That's growing their site views and  that are truly dedicated to the Amazon brand. This can truly leave a bad taste. Other wards top thinking, if we build it they will sale it. Hopefully they will get the feedback they need from their affiliate that make Amazon what it is today. Are next time maybe look at the affiliate marketers point of view and realize we to look at our bottom line as well.

Are you an Amazon Associate or know someone that is? We like to get your feedback on the Astore closing. 

One of a kind by design offers a free step-by-step course to help anyone looking to start a business in drop shipping with Amazon and Ebay. 

This course will give you valuable training and overview that will help you get started the right way as well as offer system that will grow your business faster.   Click the here

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Are you ready for the new changes to come with internet marketing, branding and net working for 2018? If you have not thought about it now is the time. We take a look at the up coming digital marketing trends coming in 2018.

As you know the internet, search engines and technology is forever changing. When you get use to one thing, with in a week it's old news and things can change at click of a button. 

So I like to do keep up with what's about to happen even if I'm not ready for it. This way the blow is not so hard and I can ease my way in to change. Below is five thing in my research that's now trending for the up coming year.

1. Media acquisition growth and longevity
Content material advertising has its roots as far back as 1732, while one of the united states founding father Benjamin Franklin posted something called terrible Richard's Almanacs". And he only created it to sell good's and services for his printing business and the post was released about 25 years.

In case you don't know about P&G brand that created the first serialized radio and TV, the era of cleaning soap  and  soap operas, and John Deere started publishing a magazine for farmers in 1895 referred to as "The Furrow" should all tell you that content material advertising is a time-honored career. That’s extra than fifteen and a half decades of content advertising and marketing.

When you consider these cases, it will become clear that there’s an possibility for huge businesses, which personal many brands, to create an internet portal by buying current media structures. This portal might be domestic to a number content, which serves to train, inform, and entertain readers whilst the usage of subtle mentions in their very own to be had products or services.

Many groups are starting to do just that. Don't forget Arrow Electronics inside the US, which brought a huge fifty one media houses, growing the largest media agency in the B2B electronics space. Another example is Johnson & Johnson’s Babysitter. It’s a being pregnant and parenting source of information, achieving more than 45 million mother and father every month.

2. Internet of factors (IOF)
IOF and its assortment of linked gadgets had been in our lives for many years now. Advertising and marketing guru Mr N. Patel believes 2018 is the year we're going to see it take content material off our displays, pointing to the likes of Siri and Alexa.

"The internet of factors has made it in order that content material may be all round us, interwoven into our day by day lives in a manner that’s palms and eyes loose.With sensors, device pairing, and beacon-primarily based proximity advertising, there are developing opportunities for content interactions that pass past target audience engagement. It’s content material that is incredibly centered and is to be had to your audience in greater formats, at the proper time, in the proper vicinity, and that when they want it most in the form of  Proximity Marketing.

3. When it comes to video
It have to come as no wonder that the usage of video is expected to soar subsequent yr. stay videos, in particular, have become increasingly more popular. In reality, Facebook has said that customers spend triple the quantity of time looking live films than static  prerecorded ones.

Users also are much more likely to remark – a massive 10 times more likely. In addition, a survey through live video platform Live stream discovered that 80% of respondents might decide on to observe a stay video than per-recorded variations
with voice search

In keeping with Google, a large 20% of searches are carried out via voice. That wide variety is anticipated to increase rapidly. It's critical for all marketers and brands alike need to be aware of the importance of the improved cellular pages (AMP) standard.

Google has emphasized the significance of speedy page load instances. AMP permits your site to load quickly, and Google will see that you've optimized and praise your website in the seek engine consequences pages engines like Google.

Gardner has predicted that 30% of net surfing periods may be performed with out a display screen in the subsequent three years. Google's organic seek results are predicted to decrease as the use of voice search increases.

5. virtual reality and Augmented reality VR/AR
The imminent events of VR/AR has been promised for decades now. In reality, it’s very probably it made many similar roundups a year ago. Mr Hall, the co-founder and CEO of affect & Co, is confident that 2018 we all we’ll begin to see it take place.

"For loads of manufacturers, VR/AR gift unexplored advertising and marketing territory, but truly most are not ready to head all-in on those technology just yet. And he don'’t blame you. – You should really stroll before you run "he says".

But he also provides, " if you’re no longer equipped to carry your content into digital fact, simply view this trend as a reminder that you need to enhance your visual content material". Creating interactive photographs, videos, and apps now  makes for a greater engaging content material for your advertising and marketing strategy, but it also lays the basis for destiny so experiments in VR/AR."

If those predictions of these days turn out to be the truth of what's to come in 2018. This is about to be an exciting time for both marketers and brands alike. It’ well be a year packed with interesting new technologies with the intention to gain better lead and conversions rates, multiplied logo consciousness and  exciting conversations.

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So not familiar with the term?
Social media optimization (SMO), there’s a good chance if you had an online business you’re already performing it but don't realize it on some level.
So let me explain....
If you're a seasoned marketer and know white copy you would know the importance of analyzing what types of content formats your followers prefer like image vs text.
Other word you keeping an eye on your analytic that let you know when followers are more likely to enjoy and engage with your content.

If you have not been under a rock then you know everyone is providing social sharing buttons with every post they make. The thing about white copy is to have someone engage with it by commenting and sharing it with their following to see
A major point of SMO is to use social media to promote your content, brand or business in order to build grow an audience that will trust, enjoy, buy products and service then promote your company by sharing as well as look forward to more post from you that keeps them coming back for more.

As always content is the key to SMO successes, how do one do this? Key word research that everyone is looking for and this can be done with Google Keyword. Look up what your niche is looking for by seeing what key word are most sought after. The trend now is long-tail keywords. So the better the content the happy your audience will be and they'll more likely share it on their favorite social media platforms such like Stumbleupon, Twitter and Facebook.  From there it’s just a matter of time before more and more people are viewing and sharing your post and this will help drive more traffic to your products and services.
I know some of you are not into writing blogs but this is guaranteed traffic that you don't have to pay for and this is one of the things that SMO is all about. The other part is using video and/or picture they are also key aspects of SMO:

Optimize Your Profiles:

The images you us on your posts and tweets should be something that catch the eye or make your brand more personal like picture of yourself.  This will be dynamic and viewed daily, your social media profile is static and permanent until you feel it's time to make changes and you should at least once  or twice every year or so to see what attracts people to you. When potential customers/clients first discover you, your profile will be one of the first things they have a look at to get to know you or your brand.

Ways to optimizing your profile on social media platforms:

Keep your format and fill out the entire profile; social media platforms will give you preference.  Also imagery and writing consistent throughout all various platform. Don't have an image of your dog on one platform and your logo on the other "if this is your business or brand".  Also when it comes to your brand with SMO's, don't talk about things like weight loss on your Google + then talk about the best tasting fast foods in your Face Book groups and fan pages. I have seen something this and the first thing that came to mind is what the hell.
Brand your main website’s URL:

Your main point of contact should be a main page/lead page on your site to link to from all your social media platform.  So for example, a specific landing page for Facebook fans, Twitter followers…etc. This page will be your domain name your brand name page.

You need a powerful Calls to Action and yes this is a must:


If you don't not know about SEO then most likely SMO, is far more of a common action taken or talked about in your business/brand.  So let's talk about your calls to action (CTA) regarding website and blog content posting on social media.

Your website posts, is so crucial, include a strong CTA for your social media content.  After all, the reason for endgame of the social media post is to motivate the reader to perform a certain action, and you need to approach all posts with the same mindset even if it's to just send them to information that will help them that's not on your website. When this is done you become more of a friend, mentor and someone they can trust. Not just someone selling them your products and services. Remember no one likes unwanted sales when they are just trying to be social.  Now you can also ask other to share and re-Tweet your post but I would only do this after you have received share and re-Tweets first. You just need to go back to the post and edit it with please re-tweet and or share now that people are talking about it.

  • For best results after you have other sharing is say thing for your CTA's that provide the best results.  On Twitter are   ‘Please Help’ and ‘Please Re-Tweet’.
  • On Face Book, words such as ‘comment, ‘like’ or ‘share’ lead to greater engagement than content that doesn't include these words.

Attracting the right people to your website should be your SMO agenda, using phrases such as ‘click to see more’ or ‘click her to receive. Sounds “spam-my” and they are not proven ways to go.  In fact, ending a post with basic questions like ‘What’s your opinion?’ or “What you thing about this? can be effective as well.

A great headline for your post is Key:

When you are just socializing on social media what made you click on that post? Was it a funny picture with a great headlines? Don’t just give someone an idea of what an article is about it must pop out and suck a reader in.  So remember things in your niche that got your attention then recreate it with your own personality.

First off, it’s important to know the difference between the types of headlines. Now on Facebook, you would talk about the titles of blog posts posted on your website and/or the headlines you use can promote those posts on the networking site.

With Twitter, your headline could mean an entire 140 character tweet.

A great hash tag:

Did you know that hash tags can also help with your SMO? When you add a hash-tag (#) before your key words on any social platform it’s not only seen by people on your time line but other looking for that same exact key word(s) from a particular topics. People will find these top when they are looking anything with that hash-tag. This is when someone says for example #myhomebiz or #funnydogtricks people look up that particular topic.

A great way to us this is when you see someone use it on television that has something to do with your topic. Using it when it not about your topic make you/your brand look sneaky or untrustworthy.  hash-tag must include relevant keywords, this makes it simple for others to find you. As well as help you reach out beyond your current audience and draw in new fans and followers.

I hope these tips listed here are enough get the point across for your social media optimization. When you’re ready, should check out some of the other techniques “One of a kind by design” has to offer and strategies that can give your SMO a really big boost. I do admit some will work better than other depending on you niche.  I also recommend trying out the strategies I’ve laid out here first so you know the ones that works better for your brand so you will know the most effective ones. So Just remember, even if things don’t take off like as fast as you like, if you keep putting out high-quality content on a consistent bases this will also help your SMO.

I also love sharing great content Like below from a great blogger and member of my mastermind group Teresa Lovelace.

Do you have any other tips that can help with SMO Please comment and let others know what's working for you.

<![CDATA[Legitimate Work from home jobs]]>Thu, 25 Aug 2016 10:37:37 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/legitimate-work-from-home-jobsPictureStarted with a free online course by clicking picture above!
When I tell my Friends or people I know ask what I do for a living. I tell them I work form home and the the first thing they say, you are so lucky as if I hit the power ball. For some reason they don't grasp concept that they to could do this as well.

So, are there any real and legitimate work at home job that allows you to use your laptop or just work from home? Yes, of course!

Before pursuing some kind of home employment, you truly need to evaluate your expertise, your work experience with that industry, and goals that will get you business growing. Ask yourself these question, “What skills do I have that I could make money with? What kind of work am I not only willing to do but would truly enjoy? How much money do I need to make to take of me and my family? How much time am I willing to commit?
You must be honest with yourself first.

By asking yourself this information it will help you narrow down your options. 

Now on to making money with you computer!

Most companies that offer work from home online jobs require you to have a desktop computer or PC, there are some that have no restrictions that will allow the use of a laptop but not many. Most would rather you have a landline connection over WiFi.

Here are some Call Center companies and other ways
that will allow You to work from home.

Yes! Legitimate virtual jobs in customer service, writing, transcription, and more, that allow you to work from home and make money with your computer.

Call centers work from home jobs can be great.

Now, before you get started clicking on the list of work from home jobs
below. You need to know "the 10 call center interview question" that you MUST be truly prepared for.

1. The Connection
2. Call center QA

Be a virtual assistant

This position is a virtual assistants that's an independent contractors who perform administrative services for small-business owners, a small medical office, legal offices as well as assisting executives and government officials.

Also so virtual assistants  are great event planers, they also make travel arrangements, correspond with clients, and manage data. Most times, they do all of this from their home computer.

I like to suggest if this sound like something that would be great for you, that you will consider joining the International Virtual Assistants Association because this will help with gaining access to networking opportunities for that potential employer(s) as well as stay in tuned with the latest industry trends.

Also check out Virtual office temps to help get your started.

Other ways to make money with a computer is:

1. Sale things that you create or service you provide.
2. Create an eCommerce site or affiliate program.
3. Take online surveys
4. Create eBooks on "how to" information (niche) people will buy.
5. Freelance writing or research for companies
6. Freelance Photography

Also Blogging is legitimate Work from home job!

Now you can blog about topics that's your passion or you could do research for other bloggers and write article for them or both. But this will not bring you a paycheck for holidays/personal days off with pay.   

It also all depends on how much you like to write, and can grasp how SEO works,  understanding what back links are and how to use them correctly. But, out of ever thing above, this where you have full control of your business when it comes to content, being creative, opinionated, an authority at what you do.  You can also do this anywhere meaning you don't have to be home doing it you can be on the beach, pool side or sitting in your favorite coffee shop. Keep creating quality content to post on your blog and it will keeps working for you 24/7 365 days a year you just need to do the leg work by setting up a website providing informative, funny or entertaining content that others will share, bookmark and come back over and over again for.

Blogging is also like a resume of your passion and expertise. Any time someone needs to contract my services but need to know more information about my brand and what I could do for their business, my blog informs them that I'm truly an authority in my field. Blogging also goes great with all the above.

To learn how to make money blogging One of a kind by design offers a "free courses" to help you understand how blogging and making money online  truly works.

I hop you enjoyed this post and share it on other social platforms as well as bookmark this site to join us again and again.  

<![CDATA[How internet marketing works.]]>Thu, 28 Jul 2016 09:12:57 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-internet-marketing-worksPicture
The first thing people think about when it comes to making money online is that all they need to do is get a website built and wait for the money to come rolling in.

Now there was a time when you could do that but that was back in early 2000 and the late 1990s way before mobile technology new trends.

Now everybody has a Blog online, store or sell products through YouTube and Facebook. So the chances of your products and services being seen becomes even more difficult.

So now when new online businesses emerge the majority of them go out of business within a year or two most times not making enough to sustain.
Even worse, you could be targeted by someone promising you can make a lot of money in just 24 hours if you just buy their product pay a monthly fee for selling it and you will become a millionaire before the end of the month.

This has a lot of newbies running for the Hills after paying money for promise that they don't even understand. Trust me there is no quick way to make money online without spending money.

But if you don't even understand the concept of what you selling or promoting how will you be able to convey that to others and get them to trust you as a new internet marketer.

Look at it like this way, if a man walks up to you on the street with some cheese wrapped up in his own Packaging would you trust him, and then buy the cheese and turn around and eat it?

Well that's the same way it happens with internet marketing. If people don't know you or can't find information about you or your brand most chances are they will not buy anything from you.

How do they know what you offer is in their best interest? How do they know that you will be around next week in case they have more questions or need more products or services? How do they know they can trust you and that what you offer they're getting a fair deal?

Did you know just 3 years ago it used to take someone 7 times to see your products and services under your brand before they would even think about purchasing what you offer. Now it takes them even more time like 8 - 12 times to see your offer before they will even consider opting in.

Consumers are so much more savvy now on the internet then they were back then. They will Google, Wikipedia and even search for your brand on several social networks to see how engaged you and your clients  are with your brand before they opted in to receive more information on your products and services.

Everyone likes to see what others are saying about your brand before they spend their hard-earned cash.

In this video I go over the simple components of starting an online business and how online marketing works. I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your comments on how to make money online afterwards.
<![CDATA[How to create quality tags for a blog in 2016]]>Thu, 30 Jun 2016 22:13:52 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-create-quality-tags-for-a-blog-in-2016PictureDarryl thinking of tags for post

As you know, Googles hummingbird is always on the lookout for better ways to get the right content to the right person that seeks information about the product and service you provide, and/or entertainments for its users that visits the browser.

This means before you even get started with building your quality back links for your website you may need to understand these four key elements first.

Title Tag:
This is the blue link you see on google search engine results, and on external websites, and in browser tabs. This defines not only the title of a document that someone seeking, but also informs them they are on the right path for more of the content they desire. 

Meta (description):
This is your content description and it's approximately 155 characters or less. Now this is the sales pitch for your content that will be the determining factor that your content is worthy of a closer look. This falls under the title tag. This is also found at the beginning of your content so remember you have the first  155 characters of your post to catch your reader's attention to entice for a better click through rate.

H1 Tag:
This will tell bots/web crawlers what to expect from your content. Now you only get one H1 per page that you post. This should be similar to or the same as the page title or Google's hummingbird algorithm, crawlers/bots will be like, 'this is not what the (title tag) is saying"and  I'm so out of here. then you're content will fall tot the back of the line and good luck with that. Also H1 tags uses keywords people are looking for so always do your keyword research first.

Alt Tags:
This tag describes an image on your website that can help with a description to the visually impaired that can use  a screen reader. This is a behind the scene description that helps website image content when unable to be seen.  Alt tag, should be descriptive and concise. For example if you have a picture of a dog running and playing. Then you should say in the pictures caption "dog running for the ball" or "dog playing". This will also help with the content. This is not always possible but is good practice.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on tagging your blog post for 2016 and for more grate tips on video please visit  and subscribe to our YouTube channel where Darryl share other online information to keep you informed and up to date.

SEOprofiler SEO software
<![CDATA[How does social media work for business]]>Thu, 26 May 2016 10:02:05 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-does-social-media-work-for-businessPicture
You should understanding, each individual social platform can make a big difference on how well your brand is received.  Most business owner will join a social site and not understand how that platform can work for their brand.  Would you jump off a bridge without knowing how long the fall is?

You may say what's that has to do with online marketing?
Well keep reading.

Think about it for a minute,  something or someone is chasing you. Let's just call it "past due bill". As you run, only getting to the center of the bridge. You see your arch nemesis "bankruptcy"  coming to take you out, and the only thing that may or may not help you (your brand) is jumping off the bridge. Now, if you don't know how high you are or what waits below your f...
Well, let's just say time wasted and all this could have been avoided if you have just paid more attention to your sounding.

I recommend before you just plaster your business on a bunch of social sites hoping to get followers that will communicate with your brand. Check out your competitors and where they hang out.  I feel brand blogs or most effective when it comes to social site when looking for organic traffic, but paid traffic can be just or more effective when it comes to selling your products and services. But don't get me wrong never say never and if A.B or C, don't work you still have 23 more letters to go. In other words you can still jump out their on faith just know what's before you so you know how to land.

When I consult with my client's most times the first thing they say is I need to be on Facebook.  But don't just stop there on Face Book, and don't get me wrong your business can truly grow with Facebook.  Also understand how to use other social platform can make your brand stand out from the rest.

Face Book:
This platform is best for speaking directly with new/return clients via IM, group chat as well as posting any special or events you may have coming up. If your brand only does business locally, you should join active groups in you're area to grow your brand awareness. Remember if your not promoting a business to business campaign don't just  ads or some will will look and your brand as unwanted spam.

Think about it, if I was just pushing products and services on your timeline and not acting socially by liking, commenting and sharing, you would block me real quick.  I know I would and besides that know one likes and overload of commercials when they are just looking to be entertained. So build relationships by doing all the above are you will soon find your brand being ignored. 

Face book has the best analytic system for online business when it come to their social media.  You really need to learn it by going to Face book for business.  It will also keep you out of Facebook jail.  You can also post photo  with a link your site or affiliated offer.
Also  create more instant traffic with "Face Book Live".

What women or man don't like a good selfie after a fresh style or cut.
I feel know stylist, singer, model, actor or any one in the entertainment industry  should go with out an Instagram account and it don't stop there. If you can get the message across with a photo then you should at least give it a try. Now their video format in my opinion, could use some more tweaking but what does not work for some can be great for other.

This is a strong # tag site, so if you don't understand how to use # tags then you need  to learn more about.  Also if you provide a product or serves just to other business then having anyone join your network is truly a waste of time. So when posting only use # that fit your industry  and/or passion. 

This is also a great way to build your brand but also put more of a personal twist on it. Did you know it's easier to rank a video on the first page then it is a website?  My traffic has grown 23% percent now that I offer tips on my YouTube channel.

On YouTube, people are only looking for two things. To be entertained or get information and as we all know we are a visual society and some rather view then read, and others would like to really get to know the person behind the brand before that trust what they have written or to offer. YouTube is a great way for them to do that with out having meet you in person.

I do recommend that you keep your Google account in good standing other wards "DON'T SPAM".  The reason I say this is when I first started as a newbie the opportunities I joined did not tell me anything about spamming or black hat strategies. I was just trained to just get the ward out and should send email to every one in my account.  I did what they told me to do and that was a big no, no. That group, knowing that wrong and teaching newbies to do the same only to have emails black listed.

Any one that's a seasoned online marketer knows Google is not forgiving and this will stop you from posting on YouTube, Google+ or becoming an Absents member or worst your IP address could be band.

They don't play!

It did not go that far with me but, you live and learn. Now I could keep going but this will give you just a little more understand about what to look for when you're looking to join and promote your brand on social media.

Plus I may need to more content later.

Now that you have read this far join the rss feed for new post as they come out. I look forward to your return and I hope this as been some help with your online business.

Darryl Johnson
One of a kind by design

<![CDATA[How to create great landing pages for your Opportunities]]>Tue, 29 Mar 2016 08:57:14 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-create-great-landing-pages-for-your-opportunitiesPicture

You can't have a sustainable online business with out members,client or just plane leads. People that you can contact over and over to provide a service or products that they really need or enjoy.

Now I will tell you how to build a great lead magnet/landing to gain the lead you need but will also give you a marketing system that will gain lead from your lead.

I know some of the big question  like:

1. How do you build a great landing page or lead magnet?
2. How do you find the people that would sign up for what your have to  offer?
3. How will you get most people to sign up.

I will touch on all three question but the most important thing I have found on the internet these days. People like their information quick just like they like their internet service and fast food. QUICK!!!

That's not all, they love something free a trial period  or an e-book or a system that will make thing simpler when it come to getting things done.
A good landing page is a mixture of images, content and colors that strike the target audience. According to Jeff Usner the internet millionaire, placing the right element in the right position can make a lot of difference. I like to add to videos are now the thing that will also help get and keep their attention.

But you must always test, even when the basic foundation that are suggests has been proven to work, there are certain elements that may change or vary.

The whole idea is to catch the attention of the visitor quick and keep them there to fill out the form. People are so visual now that it most be quick, pleasant to the yea and something they really would like to have.

Also  have a great headline right beside that picture/video or right below it or right by it. Headlines are so important your truly need to  test headlines. You will find that some headlines will outperform others.

A great thing to include is having a couple of bullets points of what they will get  for giving you their information. These are benefit type statements. The next thing I want to talk about is your opt in information. This is your call to action and the bottom to submit should stand out like Subscribe now, Buy Now, Get your info or something like that. 

Now when it come to your offer to get the lead, let's just put it like this. If you are  offering something free know that it should be something that add to your brand. Don't offer something that you have not or would not use for yourself. (See video below for more information.)

I'm so glad you have taken time out to read my post and ask that your bookmark us on your computer or smartphone to come back over and over for more great tips.
I know this system and landing pages can help with any business because we use them for One of a kind by design.
click here now!
<![CDATA[How to get organic traffic]]>Mon, 07 Mar 2016 03:52:56 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-get-organic-traffic
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When thinking of organic traffic its just like it sound its organic meaning, its all natural and it comes from the best stuff  planted like keywords in you're  blog. If you plant your seeds correctly meaning, your keywords. Your crop which is your blog post, can be found and traffic will flow like water.
PictureClick for your free course
I know this sounds very generic, but look at it this way. In order to get the right person in front of your information you need to plant the right seeds. If I'm looking for cucumbers to add to a salad. I'm not going to find them in a pumpkin patch.

So organic traffic starts with great (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. When a lot of internet marketers hear what it takes to get this done, sometimes run for the paid traffic.  Paid traffic is great but, they don't realize that you still need to get that traffic in front of the right person. So most times, they walk away with little to no return on their investment for not knowing proper SEO.

Search engine optimization is not that difficult when you look at it from this standpoint:

By having an eye-catching title which would include your keywords done with keyword research, is just your first step.
An eye catching image should always be considered. Especially when it comes to sharing on social media.

Since the birth of Facebook and other social networking platforms that followed, SEO has changed as we know it. Search engines love that content is being shared. It shows not only their strength but also that people are interested. That alone, can also help push your blog post to the front page of a search engine especially if it goes viral.

If you're just getting started or would just like some tips. One of a kind by design offers a free class and we would love to have you join our mastermind group.

<![CDATA[7 must do marketing strategy]]>Mon, 25 Jan 2016 04:23:08 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/7-must-do-marketing-strategyPicture
When starting an online business most run out of cash or don't have that much to begin with. In this blog post I'm going to give you 7 strategies that will not only help get your business off the ground but also on a path for longevity. There's some things you must do before you even get started with your home based business. If you have not already experienced it once you start your email will become full of opportunity that may or may not work for you. And if you don't know what type of online business you want to start you can become very distracting and that would truly be the death of your business before you even get started.

The 7 must do marketing strategy or only after you've established your blog along with products and services you're going to offer in your business. If you have not gotten started I would highly recommend the how to get started online business course before you even continue reading the rest of this post. Well assuming that you've already started to blog which is the longevity of your business and you have reach researched affiliate program, products and services you're going to offer your client the seven strategies should be at the top of your list.

1. Know your market

It's so important to know what your marketing but not only that, the type of person that will buy your products and services. Look at it like this, do you go to a restaurant looking to buy a stove when you're hungry. No, you're looking for a finish product along with the service. The stove maybe the beginning process but the ending is the product and service. So you need to select and target your audience wisely. Selling a stove to people looking to sit down and eat a meal will make for a harder sell unless you can take them through all the intricate parts.

2. Create a strong blog post.

It's just not enough going out telling any and everybody you know about your products and services. Because your business is online you need to take it a step further. How often do you just buy things online without becoming familiar with the brand? Write a blog post and have others read it first to start with to see what they take from it. Do not give them any answers because what you need to see is that your writing  is transparent. If they don't get what your marketing neither will a stranger. Remember your post is your brand that tells others what your about and how much you know about the product and service you have to offer. It also works for you 24/7 365 days of the year.

3. Make your business social

The state of multi-channel customer service report back in 2014 that every company regardless brick and mortar or online business must have a social presence on several multimedia platforms. They asked over 1000 consumers questions about brand awareness and social media and the outcome is you need to have a Facebook business page along with other social media platforms. But there are others that will also benefit your business such as pivotpoint and AngelList. These platforms are designed exclusively for startup companies.

4. Simple is key

Always remember whatever content you create to make contact with your audience it must be simple. Sound more of a friend then an authority figure people are closer to friends then they are to authority. So a good balance is what your looking to achieve.   Plus on top of all that readers can become lost in your content if it sounds too complicated.

5. Effective email marketing

Its always been stated that the money is in the list. But what has not been stated, a large list with a low open rates it's just a list. If no one is looking forward to your email then it's just spam. It's better to grow your list organically then to pay for leads that will not open your content or make a purchase. You end up paying twice and that's to get the lead then to keep it.

When it comes to your list:
Stick to your schedule so your followers will expect your email blast and look forward to reading it. Don't just sell or just give information ask questions as if they were a personal friend that stays within the guidelines of professionalism. Ask if there's a topic you like to see in a blog post do a poll on a product that you sold just get them engaged. Use an email marketing system that will incorporate videos for a more personal touch.

6. Learn how to get traffic

You can have the best content, products and services along with an outstanding looking website but that don't mean A hill of beans if you can't drive traffic to it. All the above will help you just fine but that also takes time to grow. You need traffic now and how do you accomplish that?
1. Great SEO that will get you ranked on the first page faster.
2. Understanding how to run a paid ad campaign.
3. Learn to convert leads to followers and followers to sales.

7. Stay professional

Always remember this is your business and not a hobby never take anything personal. Although you may sit down at a dinner table or couch to conduct your business in the privacy of your own home all consumers expect and deserve your complete professionalism. This means you must treat your business as a business. Always remember a late response will not only lose sales it will also leave a stain on your business reputation. Understanding this you must know you should set aside time to conduct your business.

I hope you was able to get something from this post that can help you grow your new business. If you have any question or would like One of a kind by design to speak on a topic that can further assist you please feel free to contact us and will be more than happy to share that information with you but the rest of my readers as well. All we ask is that you share this post with your Facebook Group and tweet this post as well. Thank you so much for taking time out to join us here at One of a kind by design.

<![CDATA[How to build quality back links for 2016]]>Sun, 10 Jan 2016 18:16:47 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-build-quality-back-links-for-2016PictureSEO Growing strong Backlinks
Now that Google has made more changes with it's humming bird algorithm you have to become pretty intuitive when it comes to search engine optimization. Simply, Google knows your target audience by the effort other show to linking with your content.

Be it through social media, forums or hyperlinks from other blog post.  They're usually of the color blue or red or a lighter color. They click to opens up a new new window some time this text will redirects you to new website for more information on the subject.

Also the more back links a web page has the more popular it is in some people's eyes, when it come comments but not to some search engins.  The web page must be popular because there's a lot of people back linking to it so you would think. You can say it's like votes for that post and the more other comment along with others replying Google would looks at this as content others feel is valuable information that others are seeking and this can help place your post on the first page for more traffic to that post but it's a more complex then that.

But the more post you have on the first page or connected to other post that has made it to the first page of Google the better chance you have to bing seen. It's also important to note that Google ranks web pages and not web sites so you want to focus on ranking individual posts or pages instead of trying to rank your website/domain. For example, you had a health blog with www.health dot com.

Your domain name is not what will rank with google not unless it's a key word that does not have much competition. Only the name of the post along with "long tale key words" that others are looking for in your niche. So when you are looking to post a new blog you should first start by researching popular used key words if not, it will be harder for SEO bots to rank your post.

Now that you know how key words affects search engine optimization let's focus more on back-links that can also help with your Search Engine Optimization. Not all back-links are created equal, some carry more weight more and power.  Let's talk about page ranks and relevance and how the  the two factors can really affect how much power or juice it can bring to your site.

For example: Forbes, USA Today finance or the Wall Street Journal website covers a subject in your niche and hyper links to one of your post for more indebted info on that subject. This not only will send  leads to your website now it carry's a lot of power and juice.  Their sites are a highly credible source due to the fact they are established and has been around for a very long time. Google noses this  already but also there pages rank  high due to resources available to them. They truly are an authority and will use other post to not only bring relevance.

So by doing your research on keywords that matters will not only gain you the attention for other looking for what you have to offer and they link to your post in a comment that may also put you on the first page only if the link back to their site is also creditable. So also check what is linking to your site in comment not only to help but to also check for relevancy because this  may or may not land you next to other high authority post that may be one of the one mentioned above, they may see it then hyper link to it as well.

So do you see how this can work?

Now I know you thinking, what are the chances that one of those site will hyper link to one of my post. Well it could happen based on the content you offer and how much value it could offer others. Just as you look for relevance to grow your niche blog so do they.

 Also remember they are not the only high authority blog on the internet so blog for your demographic first. Your goal is to reach your niche audience, give the best content you can give and let the rest take care of it's self.  Now that you have read this fare, leave your comment on the bottom and please share, tweet and like. This to will also help you get more traffic.

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<![CDATA[How to use back links to get traffic.]]>Sun, 29 Nov 2015 20:54:12 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-use-back-links-to-get-traffic
Because we're talking about traffic in the one of a kind by design mastermind group on face book all this month. I wanna share with you how I increase my traffic by over 2 hundred percent by just using conversation marketing.  
But before I do, I wanna personally invite you to check out our channel on You Tube.
 I offer tips from internet marketers that's truly making it happen not only with their home based business but in a group joint venturing (JV) with other like minded  and very serious entrepreneurs. This tip will increase your traffic quite substantially for free.

Go into your Google search engine and then type in Google Alerts, it will show content from high PR blogs rated by Google. You will request blogs in your niche by using keyword for your results. The goal is to get free traffic from web sites on the internet that already have an audience in your niche and then gain some of that free visitors traffic as a back link to your website. Google will send you updates only for sites that are ranking on the first page of Google for the key wards your looking for to grow your traffic.

So the whole goal here is to give a good comments or start a conversations on the blog that get visitors back to your website opportunity. So for example you see a blog post talking about creating ways to get targeted traffic. You always thank the blogger for their tip but you also finish with adding something that would also be a great tip to show you know a lot about that subject as well.  So comment and then you link back to your website there is a good chance of trickling traffic from a good amount of visitors from a high PR site that gets high marks from Google.

Now this kind of traffic takes time to build, this is the reason I suggest you send this to your own personal blog or landing page and not an opportunity that may or may not last due to the fact you may not feel the same way about it after you had more time to really do research and find that it may not be the right opportunity for your brand. Yes if you stay in this industry long enough sooner or later it will happen.

Now if you don't have a blog or an eCommerce site that you totally own you should truly think about about getting one.  Lets just put like this, If your affiliate offers where books that you did not personally own, and you had to lug them in a big boxes would you go door to door selling them? Or would you open a store on a street that gets lot's of traffic then send mailers and flyer that could potentially bring more traffic in to a store with not only book, but other goods and services? If you did not get that analogy you should think about working for some one else for the rest of your life.

Conversation marketing with blog post for back links is just on of the way you can get traffic but it's not the only way you can also get back link traffic from Yahoo Answers Where you look for question to answer with in your niche this is another great way to get the targeted traffic you so desire to close on sales. How this work is you think of question you would ask to find information that you need then put it in the Yahoo Answers search and see what comes up. Most likely some on has ask the same question and if not ask the question see how long it takes for some one to respond that jump in the conversation with a follow up that would lead them back to your website. Remember the goal is conversation, to start marketing so if you are lucky to ask a question that know one has asked could be a gold mind that waiting to be found.       

Google, Bing, yahoo and other search engines are all big on social likes, tweets and shares this says to them that your content is valuable for any one looking for answers that solves, entertains and informs the readers. The best way to use this is to only share small bites of your content and share a link to the post on your blog so they can not only read your content but see all your blog has to offer and if your are lucky you may get a comment on your blog asking your more question or re-share your blog post with other on one or all other social platform for some good viral traffic. Don't forget photos are just as important as the content comment and then you link back to your website will is good chance of trickling traffic from a good amount of visitors from a high PR site that gets high marks from Google. because that with a great head line would be the determining factor if they are going to spend any time reading the content.

If you have read this far then it's safe to assume that this content resonates with you.  You also may have more tips your like to share for others visiting and looking for more tips. You may have a question you still need to be answered so leave a comment and share and tweet this post to help with your conversation marketing.  

<![CDATA[Ways to make money blogging]]>Tue, 13 Oct 2015 21:50:36 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/ways-to-make-money-bloggingPicture
As we all know a lot of us are looking for new ways to bring in extra income. With today's fast-paced world we need something that we can  not only have fun with, but it's keep your attention as well as something you can be proud of.

I have to admit blogging was not my first choice for a home based business and I tried everything from selling Mary Kay products, 5linx and yes even Amway.

Don't get me wrong, all of these things help me a great deal.  Even though I did not stick with any of them. I learn how to self promotion, become a little bit more engaging and most importantly marketing My own products and services.

You see I'm not really big on corporate pep rallies. That's what I like to call them. I just feel I'm enough motivation all by myself and don't really need the extra for my success.

Besides that I feel like I was being pushed to sell, sell, sell. That alone felt like a job to me and if I was going to work hard it was going to be for myself and not some big corporations bottom line.

So I took from it all the systems they had in place to grow their companies:

1. A website
2. A SEO system for Backlinks
3. A campaign
4. A product or service
5. A motivated individual
6. A business plan
5. And Unlimited traffic

To some of you these five things don't seem like much in writing but all five phases are very intricate and very important to your survival and success  with a home based business.

Now most people would think you would have to go back to school. Get some form of degree and spend X amount of dollars to do all these things effectively.

Or, you can go to (Y.T.U) yes, YouTube University the school of hard Knox. Anything you need to learn you can find their on video. The only thing I suggest is you find a channel that you can believe in and grow with don't jump all over the place try to stick with a channel that suits your style and easy for you to understand. But from time to time check out new trends.

Okay I know you saying Darryl get to the blogging part. Below are chosen a YouTube video that's very simplistic on getting started with blogging. This video is 1 hour long but it tells you how to get started from beginning to end.

<![CDATA[How to grow your network with  Wave Score]]>Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:22:17 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-grow-your-network-with-wavescore
When View trakr was introduced to me I had to admit I was waiting for something I could use that would set me apart from other video marketers. Something still uniformed but I could switch up to do my marketing and have fun doing it. Now I have, and so can you and it's free. So click on the picture below watch the other video and friend me. And let's truly grow together.
As you may know I get a lot of opportunities that come across my email.  Most marketers don't realize    you see so many of them that its so easy to see it, but not see it.

If you're just going to send out Advertisement without engaging in a conversation with that person on some type of platform, most likely you're going to be Ignored.

You have to first, have a very special and copy to get someone's attention and that's only if they decide to open the email.

As you know, an internet marketer  email can become cluttered with not tens, but hundreds maybe even thousands of unwanted emails. So you need to step out of the box and do something different and stop doing what everyone else is doing, If you don't change that now. You are definitely not going  get more views on your products and services.

Now how does one do that?

You need to do it one person at a time. And I know what you must be thinking. Darryl if I do it that way it will take me forever to grow my Empire. Trust me its better to grow it one person at a time and get their complete confidence in what you are marketing so they can also help promote you as a person that can truly help provide a service. And this is the key word that most online marketers forget you are providing a service.

Let's just put it this way, you walk into a restaurant with your friends and family and the waiter walks up to you. And instead of passing you a menu and telling you what the soup of the day is, they bring you a grocery bag full of groceries and tell you the kitchens in the back go ahead and cook it yourself. Oh yeah by the way I'll be at the cash register for you to pay me on your way out. Well, that's the same method most internet marketers are doing it today. That's the reason their businesses fail.

Now I came across someone on a social media site. I'll just call her by her handle t-bone. this is your shout out!

She left me a message on one of my post . She asked if we could have a conversation  regarding what I'm doing, far as my business is concerned. Now this led to a phone conversation that I know is another marketing ploy.  I always keep an open mind to see what's new.  As if I'm looking on a menu to try something different and besides that. I don't have a problem with saying no. We talked a little bit about what I'm doing and she offered me an opportunity. I listen then said no Thanks, that's not something that I need.

So what  did she do next?
Man do you think I could have been more excited.
She listen as I told her what I was actually doing then offered another service. She engaged me, listen to me, then offered another service that better suited my needs called "View Trakr". In a conversation I mentioned that I needed to be more active with my video tutorials. Guess what? that was on her menu to so she brought it to my attention. I gave it a little test not only because it was free to use but I could actually see the bigger picture.
Now as you can see above in my video this is something that I truly love. So much that I put other projects on hold to take full advantage of this because I knew in the long run it would benefit the other projects. Not only did she just sell me a service that I could actually use but introduce me to a support team on Facebook that really cares about helping others on the team. Now I know other groups say this all the time,but in other groups do they all really have a fair advantage.

Well I can't really say if they do or don't but I truly know this one does so now I'm singing her praises regarding the service she provided. So now that I've tested it and know how it works and know what it can do for members of my blog and visitors that take advantage I can stand behind this product 100%. So I will give view tracker five stars because this is going to take over the internet market like crazy.  So jump now and I as well as the face book group will show you how to build your network like crazy. Oh and by the way let me say it again if you did not catch the first time. This opportunity is free to join.
<![CDATA[What is revenue sharing or rev-share?]]>Mon, 10 Aug 2015 21:38:37 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/what-is-revenue-sharing-or-rev-share
Above is a small YouTube review of one particular revenue sharing company called "My pay ads.
What is revenue sharing? Well Wikipedia Says revenue sharing has multiple, related meanings depending on context.

In the internet market world it's referred to as rev share also known as cost per sale  in which the cost of advertising  depended on the revenue generated because of the result of the advertisement itself.

There are a lot of companies out there that participate in revenue sharing. The good and the bad things about this is programs come and go so quickly due to product or service distribution that may or may not sell well.

The longevity of these companies solely depends on the products and services that they promote as well as the shareholders interest into buying shares.

This company is called "My Paying ads". A fairly new company that started December 16, 2015 by a gentleman called Mr.Udea . There are several Rev Share Group out there but when starting one of these groups it's best to get in as soon as possible.
The best thing about these types of Group is you can use it as a MLM or just for your personal business growth.

You can also advertise with a lot of these groups for additional cost but also remember in some of those groups you actually share in the profits of your own promotional Advertisement.

This is great for anyone promoting a affiliate program or website due to the fact you are basically paid twice.  Once for the share and once  for the affiliate program if, you sell a product or service that's been clicked on.

So if you are a beginner or a seasoned internet marketer. Revenue sharing is one great way to make money with online marketing.
One of a kind by Design will also match any of its own personal members up to $10 as well as Offer great tips on how to grow their online business. So click here for more information And become a member of my ad service through one of a kind by Design.

SEO software
SEOprofiler is a new new online SEO software tool.
<![CDATA[Traffic Fusion review, of it's push button traffic.]]>Thu, 28 May 2015 10:20:16 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/traffic-fusion-review-of-its-push-button-traffic
Check the 2015 update at the bottom regarding this product.
Traffic Fusion review: Darryl Johnson

This is my personal review of traffic fusion. I've been using this system for over 2 months now and this system comes with a video tutorial to set up. Also you will need to have Adobe or get the free version of Adobe for it to work properly.

I feel there are some pros but definitely some cons to this system. It's been stated that this is push button traffic that will also help boost your SEO .  This software  lets you post in groups like Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

I purchased the basic package just to review it and this is what I see. If you're looking for a ways to get your message out to the masses in Groups setting,  this is perfect for that but beware. With Google+ you can get blacklisted or even banned if the Google bots feel this is a spamming mechanism.

Traffic fusion also offer something called a spin writer for a free 7 day trial then you are charged if you don't cancel it with in that time period. This will allow you to put a sentence in and then spin it different ways automatically when they system post content  in different  groups.

It also allows you to add a picture as well as video link from YouTube. Me personally, I feel this is only good for branding yourself as a company if your going to use this once or maybe even twice a month. Just so people know you're out there and to get familiar with your brand. Now just being able to do that on autopilot is somewhat worth it so the long term effect for this system can be great.

But if you're using this to send spam to a link or a landing page you going to be in for a big surprise. It only takes one to two times for someone to open up their mail and see that you're just selling them something before they get to know your brand. they may or may not report you or block you from the group.

Also the extra piece of technology that they offer with this system which is the span rider I'm not really crazy about it allows you to pull content from other blogs and change the content around but even though it does that sometimes it comes out reading very  not personal at all. 

I feel that most people know when something is genuine or text book. Remember this is your company and the last thing you want to look like is that you copy someone else paper and did not understand the content.

Now the upside to this for bloggers. If you have a short message stating check my blog out and see what I have to say about whatever your niche is, or something on those line then it could be safe for you only providing that the Google bots don't feel that you're spamming.

If this happens Google will usually send you an email stating that you have broke some form of rule and you will usually get a second chance but the third time it happens you can be shut down. So you take a risk with this system. So it's up to you to weigh the risk on becoming blacklisted or even having your email account shut down by Google.

Now with LinkedIn and Tumblr I'm sure they have some rules as well that you need to be aware of. I have also heard of some internet marketers will open up a different email account with Google and use that to promote or even keep from being blacklisted from their permanent email address.

I still don't recommend that you spam others with your landing pages and products that does not look good and you come off as untrustworthy or just the door to door salesman per say. Or even worse a Jehovah Witness and I know a lot of you don't answer the door for them either. 

Saying all of this what I'm not saying that this is a bad system to use. Just saying you must use it sparingly in order to maintain not only your email address but your reputation is well with Google. So my personal recommendation would be to use it no more than twice a month providing on how many groups you are a member of, but not to use it no more than 2 Times a month to be on the safe side.

Then in between those two times go into each individual group and see if anyone is commenting on your post or asking question that's how you really learn your audience.

Now all the cons with this system:
1. If not used properly you can be black listed or band.
2. You pushed to use the spin writer and can be charged if you don't remember to cancel.
3. Your computer must stay on and can not go into turn off in order for it to complete the task.

Now all the pros with this system:
1. Branding your company
2. Getting the word out about a new blog post on you website.
3. Will save you a lot of time when it comes to group posting and management.
4. Allows
you to set up days for your content to go out on auto pilot.

Now this is my personal review of Traffic fusion and I will give 6 out of ten stars but remember we are all one of a kind by design and what does or does not work for me may be the opposite for you and I would love to get your personal comment on this system as well so other will have more than just one opinion. After all this is what one of a kind by design is all about us helping us.

Also if you have read this far please like us on Face book, Twitter and share us on other social media sites as well as leave us your comment.

Thanks for reading
Darryl Johnson
One of a kind by design


Google has Stop traffic fusion from posting in it's communities. If you have purchased this product from JVZoo You may know long be able to use it as it has stop working for me.

Other blogger have their own review bout the same product and you can check them out
1. Brett Rutecky
2. Warrior Forum

If you feel like you have been taken advantage of by any online affiliate program you can always post what happen to you at "Rip off report".
We as internet marketers are always looking for a better way to automate our online business and some time we don't get all the info before we leap into products or services that can only hurt us in the long run. One thing we should always remember if it sound to dam good do a lot more research then research some more so start off at Rip off report. 

<![CDATA[How to start a great sales funnel]]>Thu, 02 Apr 2015 23:39:17 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-start-a-great-sales-funnelPicture
One thing about internet marketing that I find exciting is the learning curve that you go through.  Now, I know some of you may be thinking. No body has time for that!

So before you get frustrated let me explain.   What I will do is use a terminology as if you are a teenager working for a fast food restaurant.

That's if you have ever worked for a fast food restaurant. the first thing they do is sit you down with a manual and someone to go over the process and procedures.

Now that you've gotten all the information you need to perform your job you do so but within the coming days, weeks or even year. You make your own personal changes to those process and procedures.

Sometimes this is a very good thing and you are rewarded by becoming a shift leader or even a manager. If you make changes to the same process and procedures and it damages or even hurts their brand you could be fired.

There's no difference in your sales funnel. Now regarding that, even though you are working for yourself. You have no one to answer to but yourself. Not! You can still be fired for doing the wrong thing.

Now you ask how can I be fired, and who's going to fire me? Well, let's start with Google, Bing, Yahoo and most importantly your clients.

Now of course they won't fire you like Donald Trump on the apprentice saying, you're fired! But what will happen  with the search engines is no one will see your product or service.

Okay, I know you're saying what does this have to do with a great sales funnel? What I'm saying is if you don't plan your work then work your plan. Your doom to fail. In other words you must set up your sales funnel properly so that it may not come out as spammy or lacks luster to your potential clients.

This is where I talk about how to create a great sales funnel. When creating a sales funnel in your niche the first thing you must think about is the client you're trying to gain . A great way of doing this is thinking about how you like to be market to.

Do you like constant emails coming in day after day about products or services that you don't understand their purpose. How about someone asking you to join an organization you know nothing about let alone the person that's trying to push it on you.

If you don't like stuff like that then chances are neither will anyone else. Another thing, if a person cannot reach you with a phone call or an email with a quick response from you chances are you won't get a sale.

Let me explain it in another way. I'm a singer and I want you to go and download my music but before you do, you must pay but I'm not going to let you listen to it to see if you like it. Would you buy my music?

I don't think so. I found a bunch of gurus will tell you to place a bunch of their products and services in your sales funnel and push them as often and as fast as you can to see what sticks and what does not stick.

Been there done that bought the t-shirt and the hat. What I found out  following that  directions just does not work for me. I also found out that it works great for them.

How is that you ask? You are just one sales funnel working to sell their products and services and you may get one or two sales that will not equate to the time and money that you put into it. Most of the time you don't make enough to withdraw money you worked so hard for due to the minimum you must make to withdraw.

But for the"Guru", he or she  figured out a way to get hundreds and sometimes thousands to create a sales funnel for them. they have hundreds of sales coming in a day. Do they share what they got from the whole project with you for your effort? Yes of course they do! Its the one or two sales you get totaling a profit of $12.00 for a $49 sale.  You spent more of your time you would have on a part time sometimes full time job as well as money you use to promote their products or services.  Now you are still waiting on it .

Now before you get all irate and upset. I'm not saying that you are being taken advantage of.  You just need to learn to not "hate the player but change the game". But before you do that you first must learn to plan your work and work your plan and one of a kind by Design can help you do just that by becoming a member for free.

Also if you have read this far please like us on Face book, Twitter and share us on other social media sites as well as leave us your comment.

Darryl Johnson
One of a kind by design

<![CDATA[Blogging to get your brand recognized]]>Mon, 02 Mar 2015 23:43:13 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/blogging-to-get-your-brand-recognizedPicture
One thing I have found that's really consistent with online marketing is blogging.  Google has changed its algorithms a number of times and plan on changing even more in 2015.

So organic searches or going to depend more on social media and quality back links. If you're going to make it as an online marketer you really can't depend on just search engine optimization (SE0) anymore.

Yes it's always great to get on the front page of Google, Bing and Yahoo, but if you're not paying for that space on the front page chances are you're not going to get it. So how does one get the word out that their site is on the Internet superhighway?

By blogging, and not only for your own site but other websites as well.  Whatever you have to blog about. You just have to decide what key words you will use, and what you're going to talk about in your niche.

Also the great thing about this is you could also add links to other content on your website or products you can  promote. But the main thing is to always have that link that goes back to your website for more information if your not blogging on your personal site.

Sometimes I will even add a landing page link to my blog to gain new members. The great thing about blogging is:

1. It helps brand you as an individual.
2. It also helps with growing your following and
3. It informs others about your products and/or services.

As an Internet marketer one thing you must be able to do is communicate your thoughts on paper or on your computer for others to understand.

Now, you do have some online Internet marketers that just promote affiliate programs. And they will promote as long as a product sales or until they run out of money promoting that vendors products.

Most of these marketers are not in it for the long run. They just wanna make a couple of dollars to pay some bills and go back to their regular 9 to 5 jobs.  And that's fine if you have the money for that investment. Know how and the time to do all of that if you just want to make a quick buck or two.

Believe me, lot of people do just that. 

A real Internet marketer they understand that blogging is the bread and butter to their success. They not only understand this helps with branding, it also help their customers get to know who they are and develop trust.

Also, true Internet marketers know the blog they post will always be there along with back links from comments on that post.

All, that will bring more link juice to their website as well as credibility.

If you would like more tips on how to grow your online business please join "One of a kind by design" and see all it has to offer your business.

Also if you have read this far please like us on Face book, Twitter and share us on other social media sites as well as leave us your comment.

Darryl Johnson
One of a kind by design

SEOprofiler SEO software
<![CDATA[How to get the organic Traffic you need.]]>Mon, 02 Feb 2015 12:18:23 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-to-get-the-organic-traffic-you-needPicture

As a blogger I found that blogging is a process that will bring you leads with gaining organic traffic.  Not only does this brand your home based business but as I stated before in other blogs that it let's your reader know you as a person first. Also someone they can get to know and make a decision if you are some one they can trust.

But how do you get people to read your blogs or even get information about your website?

Well time most people would rather just go to You Tube and set back and see what others or saying about a product or service. That's fine two. But what if you are a person that is not into making video of yourself and feel more comfortable just typing every thing you need you're member or clients to know about you? Well if that's the case then you better get ready for a longer response time.

Think about it like this when you go to the doctors, buy a new car, get insurance, buy a new or rent home they all have one thing in common and that's paper work and most people on the Internet just need the information they need to keep it moving. With some readers looking at a two page blog is like having to do all that paper work. The worst thing about it is how long do they have to read before they get the information they need.

Now you have other that don't mind reading and love they can always come back and read what they did not get the first time again and again. These are the people you need to home in on because these are the ones that will grow with your company. Become more familiar with your brand and learn to trust what you have to say as long as what you are saying takes them in the right direction.

Now getting back to video blogging. If you are not doing this, then you should think about doing it soon. That will only pull your readers even closer to you now that they have a visual to go along with information you placing out there for all to see.

You can also use other You Tube blogs to help tell your story you just have to search for video blog that fall in line with what you are trying to convey. Just until you are ready to get out there on your own.

But until then let's just get some traffic to your blog.  How does one do that?
Well this is whats been working for me.

I use a combination to grow my readers you should do the same when starting out or have not had any luck in growing members. If you can follow these steps then you are well on your way.

1. Every blogger needs a website that they have full control over to say what ever they fill and others can come to with out fear of it being taken or block.   You are not trying to get band if Google, Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, or any other social media sit changes any rules and you don't get the memo. You can be shutdown faster then you can get started.  So get a great website with hosting.

2. Now that you got that, you need a email campaign that will send your reader updates on whats new on your site. Any offers you may have going, and a way to send out a blast email to all your readers at one time and this is call an auto respond-er. This also offers landing pages or squeeze page. If you need more information about how this works send me an email and I will fill you in.

3. Now you need content for your website. Hopefully you know what you would like to talk bout before you even get started. If not then you should just stop here and think about that first before you continue  and as long as you are doing that find out what you are going to promote/sale. I know you, well I hope, you are not doing all that running off at the mouth for free.

. You need to start pinging your pages and can do this a couple of ways by going to One of a kind by designs front page  and at the bottom you will see how to submit your site to Google, Bing, and others as well for free and just learn how to get traffic. Also ping your site at Pingler.

5. The most important of them all is becoming a member of "One of a kind by design" so I can help with other things like getting discounted paid traffic to your site, finding the best back links that will get you more visits with search engines crawls, and how to gain better leads for your opportunities. I know you did not think I was just running off at the mouth did you.

I'm really looking forward to helping you grow your home based business and hope to see you as a member soon.

Also if you have read this far please like us on Face book, Twitter and share us on other social media sites as well as leave us your comments below.

Darryl Johnson
One of a kind by design 

<![CDATA[Should a real internet marketer blog?]]>Fri, 16 Jan 2015 09:39:41 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/should-a-real-internet-marketer-blogPicture
One thing I have found that's really consistent with online marketing is blogging. Google has changed its algorithms a number of times and organic searches depend more on social media and quality back links.

If you're to make it as an online marketer you really can't depend on just SEO anymore. Yes it's always great to get on the front page of Google, Bing, Yahoo but if you're not paying for that space chances are you're not going to get it. So how does one get the word out that their site is on the internet superhighway?

By blogging, not only for your own site.  Try other places you can blog as well. Whatever you have to blog about you just have to decide what key words you can use and what you're going to blog about.   You should also add links to other content on your website along with products and sevices you promote.

But the main thing is to always have that one link that goes back to your website. Sometimes I will even add a landing page link to my blog to see if I can get new members. The great thing about blogging is one it helps brand you as an individual, it helps with your following and it informs others about your products or services you offer.

s an internet marketer one thing you must be able to do and that's communicate your thoughts on paper or your computer for others to understand.

Now you do have some online internet marketers that just promote affiliate programs. And they will promote as long as a product sales or until they run out of money promoting that vendors products. Most of these marketers are not in it for the long run. They wanna make a couple of dollars to pay some bills and go back to the regular 9 to 5 jobs. And that's fine if you have the investment, know how and the time to do all of that with out any loss. If you just want to make a quick buck or two and a lot of people do just that.

To a real internet marketer that's in it for the long run. They understand that blogging is their bread and butter to long term success. They not only understand this helps with branding it helps their customers get to know who they are and develop trust. Also true internet marketers know the blog the post will always be there along with back links from comments on that post all that will bring more link juice their website build up their presents to grow their business so not falling on the first will not be a big hit to their bottom line.

Also if you have read this far please like us on Face book, Twitter and share us on other social media sites as well as leave us your comment.

Darryl Johnson
One of a kind by design

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<![CDATA[How I use Wendy Williams to grow my business.]]>Sat, 10 Jan 2015 08:55:56 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/how-i-use-wendy-williams-to-grow-my-businessPictureClick Wendy's beautiful smile to visit here site!
I find that most people think of working from home is the way to go because they can sit in front of the television with the computer in your lap as you stroke the family pet. Not! If this is your way of thinking then you are not going to be in business for long.  The distractions of  Wendy Williams, even though I do love me some Wendy Williams.
Wendy, How you doing? 

But you are setting your self up for failure.  Even Wendy has an office or some place in your home she goes and put all the dart together we love so much.
Most people don't like, and truly believe they don't need supervision. Until they don't see a check coming in bi weekly or ones a month. They go running back to a job they hate with their egos crushed and a chip on their shoulder.

I have been their myself only to quit or kicked out the door for trying to run things my way. Yep, I'm guilty but I can admit to it.

So I had to say Wendy girl I love you but this time around I'm going to have to record your @$$.  Love you much, but your an after work treat now.  now I use the Wendy William show as my on personal compensation plan sort of speak.

Well, it works like this. I tell myself if I get started before 8:30 am and complete my morning task before Wendy comes on.  I can take 2 hours with a healthy lunch and  Wendy dishing the dirt with "hot topics." If you seen her show then you would know I'm getting all my work done.

Now if I don't get up in time to get my day started, running behind on my work load. Wendy is already set to be recorded and I will have to wait until all my work for the day is done.  I know it looks bad for a grown man to go-in, over a Women's talk show but she is nice on the eyes and  not all but some of you. Have a drinking, drug and even sex addiction problem. Yea I said it.  So yes, we all have our vice and Wendy Williams is mine so don't judge me and I won't judge you. (smile)

I'm just using my vice to grow my business and reward myself for getting my projects done. You can do the same. It may not be Wendy  "but in my mind" a quote from Wendy. You can maybe plan a walk on the beach, shopping or what ever it is you love to do and use it as your own company  perk. You know, for working so hard with you home based business.

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Darryl Johnson
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<![CDATA[Don't hate the player change the game.]]>Fri, 26 Dec 2014 14:14:30 GMThttp://oneofakindbydesign.com/affiliate-blog/dont-hate-the-player-change-the-gamePicture
As a blogger I have come to understand not only my need to grow my business but the needs of my members to grow theirs as well. Saying this I have come to understand more and more whats going on with the online community when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You have a lot of programs out their now asking you to join and pay a fee to sale their products and service.

They like to call it the privilege of a franchise, and this is to get you to become a part of a group, team an association let's every body sing kum baya. "Not" no really, if you are just starting off and your money is tight and you don't know the ends and out of not only getting traffic to your site but closing the deal then you are putting the cart before the horse. In other words you have canceled the momentum that will pull you closer to success.

Don't feel like you dumb because you not, I to have falling in to the same trap. If you are with one of these program and have gained one person in your down line with in you first two months with out spending more then twice what it took to get one member then by all means stay the course.

It may be a learning curve but don't give up not only on the opportunity but the members you have brought to the table. Now if you have not brought any members or the ones that you have on your list are not jumping on the boat and you have contacted them and done all your due diligence to bring them aboard but still they will not take the same leap you did then don't push them. That will only make them think you are trying to con them and know one likes to feel coned.

Now for your self, know one is jumping on board and you now have to think about if you are going to abandon ship as well. Before you jump talk with others that's apart of the same opportunity on face book, chat room and other social media hang outs. Give them the truth of how it's working for you,. try to ask people that are not apart of your up line. They (the up line) do not wish to see you go. that will only take away from their bottom line and that's you paying you're monthly fee and taking away money from their pay day.

Talk with people that are in the program that not going to be personally effected by the decision you make. Trust me you will get the bad and the good, these is where you make an informative decision to stay or jump ship.

If you stay I will encourage you to try to meet their goal, but I will also say you should check you're bottom line and see if you can sustain the course.

In other words you have paid a monthly fee of $49.99 for the past 3 months then you have paid $200 for two of the months that has not produce one client, down line or member. Now you can't hate the player but you can stop the game. Think about it like this

You're up line gained: $49.99 x 3 months from you = $149.97 now you paid $200x2= $400 for traffic to your assigned link and now you really fill the pain. Only because you have spent a total of $549.97 with an investment of one big goes egg.

You're up line is not calling you back with any kind of help. You can't get a direct response by email only to just hang in their and believe it will happen. You should only believe one thing. If you keep going at that rate you will be broke by the end of the year and even if you came up with 3 people under you 3 months down the line doing the same thing you have been doing when you started you have still lost because really, is an investment of $1,649.91 really worth a profit of
$149.85 and a loss of $1500.06

Now the best thing about this is now you know what to watch out for from now on and it's considered a loss and you can claim it on you're taxes if you have an LLC.

I recommend that you only go with a programs that does not make you pay them a monthly fee to bus your ass for them unless you have years in the game and can generate traffic with ease, close the sale with just one email or phone call, have a list that been following you for some time and trust that you will not lead them wrong because you have proven to them that you have not only integrity but also you're touch is gold and they have made money following you.

They know if they have a snag or can not get a sale not only will the person they are following will not only give them some grate information but see what they are doing and come up with a solution together to help their member, down line, team or partner. I offer this to all my members with any program I'm with like 4 corners and the total funnel system.

But always remember never be scared to learn a lesson just be smart about how you learn it. I always looking at any program I'm with like this, can I uses this myself, can this help me out side of trying to resale it to some one else. If I can then I use it first before I move forward trying to sale it.

This will keep you from not only investing to much time and money but gain trust from the ones that follow you. It only takes a couple of times for you to accidentally give some one a bad deal before you lose their trust. Remember it's really not the opportunity they will look side ways at. It will be you, and the reputation of your company.

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Darryl Johnson
One of a kind by design